Bozzuto hyBlast Preview Issue

How to Fix HTTP Image Preview Issue for hyBlast


Bozzuto Group has a custom template that contains "HTTP" images. These images are not displayed in hyBlast's preview section because's website is of the type "HTTPS",  which disables "HTTP" images.


In this tutorial, you will learn to resolve the "HTTP" preview issue for custom templates.

For this tutorial, we have chosen the template of Bozzuto Group's Monarch:

Step 1 - Upload the "HTTP" images in the "Media Section" 

Upload the "HTTP" images in the "Media Section" of the property, for example, (Bozzuto Group > Monarch > Media)
Please follow the steps to access the "Media" section:
  1. Under your Sub-org, go to hyMail

  1. Go to Media Library

Step 2 - Click the '+' Button

Click the "+" button in the upper right corner to upload a new image file 

Step 3 - Select the way to Upload a New Image

Use any of the three ways to upload a new image in the "Media Section":
  1. Browse files and directly upload a file from your system
  2. Import from any URL
  3. Import from Dropbox

Step 4 - Copy the HTTPS URL for the Image

Use the "Copy URL" button to get the "HTTPS" URL for the image

Step 5 - Replace the URL into the HTML Code

Replace the copied URL into the HTML code of the Bozzuto Custom Template exactly where the image is present
To find the Bozzuto Custom Template, you can follow these steps:
  1. Under your Sub-org, go to hyMail

  1. Go to Settings-hyBlast

  1. Select the template for which there is a preview issue (In this case, it is the Prospect Template)

Replace the copied image src URL with the existing "HTTP" image URL


The template displays the image in the preview section after the "image src URL" is replaced in the HTML template

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