EBlast Best Practices

EBlast Best Practices


eBlasts are great for reaching a wide audience.

But there is a difference between sending an eBlast, and sending the right eBlast.

Here are some Best Practices for using hyBlast.

Create Engaging Subject Lines

Specific vs. Generic

What do you think your consumers would like to read more?
  1. ‘Offer’
  2. ‘Amazing, Outstanding, Special Offer Just For You!’
  3. ‘Don’t Miss this Special Offer!’
In our experience, the last one strikes the perfect balance!

Try To Ask Questions

Subject lines written as a question tend to entice customers, especially if they are relevant.

For example, try sending prospects an Offer with this subject line:

‘Can You Imagine How Much This Costs?’

Make It Personal

People like personalized emails. 

Adding your customer’s name, or the date of an event where you met can give your emails that personal touch:

‘Hi John. Great Meeting You at the Open House Last Sunday.’

Create A Sense Of Urgency

People like to grab offers that are available for a limited time. 

It makes them feel like they have accomplished something big. 

Create a sense of urgency. The more attention-grabbing your email is, the more likely it is to be opened:

‘Act Now!… You Don’t Want To Miss This Offer!’

Be Concise

Choose your words carefully. No one likes reading long sentences:

‘50% Off on Rent. Today Only!’

Time Your hyBlasts

It is critically important to send your hyBlasts at the right time for best results. 
We found out that most people check their emails around 10 am when they are signing in to work. Hence, sending emails right around 10 am will result in more opens.

Consistency Is Crucial

Come and Join Us for a Pool Side Event!
When: December 13th
Where: The Ice Bar

Notice anything here?? This information doesn't sync up.

Make sure your eBlast message is consistent and shares the same narrative throughout.

Know Your Audience

Make sure you know who you are sending the eBlast to. 

You don't want to send “50% Off Your First Month's Rent” to your residents.

Monitor Send Frequency

No one likes to be spammed with too many emails.

Start off with 2 eBlasts a month. 

Then use hyBlast Reports to determine what frequency works best for you.

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