How to Customise Dropdown in Tour Scheduler

How to Customise Dropdown in Tour Scheduler


In this tutorial you will learn how to add and edit the dropdowns in a Tour Scheduler

Step 1 - Navigate to Scheduler Dropdown

Under your sub-org in your, click on hyTours > click on the 'Agent Calendar' dropdown > select 'Admin Settings: Tour Scheduler' > select 'Scheduler Dropdown'

Step 2 - Customise the Dropdown

You can add the questions such as Desired Bathrooms, Desired Price Range, Demographics, Prospect Preferences etc.
You can customise the dropdown by:
1. Clicking on the checkbox of the desired question you wish to ask the prospects
2. You can move a certain option up or down by clicking on the arrows icon
3. You can 'Duplicate' a certain option by clicking on the duplicate icon
4. You can 'Delete' a certain option by clicking on the delete icon
5. You can add your customised option by clicking on the '+' sign
6. You can choose to display the options randomly by clicking on the checkbox beside it
7. You can make the question mandatory by clicking on the checkbox beside it
8. You can clear all the default options and add your on cutomised options
Once you have customised all the questions as per your requirement, click on the 'SAVE' button to save the changes.

You have successfully customised the scheduler dropdowns!

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