How To Add Floor Plans in Sub-Orgs

How To Add Floor Plans in Sub-Orgs


In this article you will learn how to add Floor Plans in the Sub-Orgs section of the Property.

Step 1 - Navigate to Floor Plans in Sub-Orgs

Go to
1. Select the property
2. Go to Sub-Orgs
3. Select the Floor Plans page

Step 2 - Add Floor Plans Images

Click on the '+ Floor Plan' option and add the Floor Plan Details such as:
1. Floor Plan Name
2. Floor Plan Type 
3. Click on '+ FP Image(s)' to upload the Floor Plan image. You can also Edit or Replace the already uploaded image by hovering the cursor over it.
4. Once done, click on the 'Tick' sign on the top to save the details.

Repeat the steps mentioned above if you have multiple images to add.

The Floor Plans have been added! 

You can use these Floor Plans while sending an eblast by adding or replacing the Floor Plan image in any particular eblast.
Hover over the image and click on Replace > Select the Floor Plans section and > Select the image you want to upload in the eblast.

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