How To Add Video Links to Tour Site

How To Add Video Links to Tour Site

Context gives you the option to add video links on the Tour Site. In this article, you will learn how to add the video links to the Tour Site.

Step 1 - Navigate to Admin Settings : Tour Site

  1. In your under your sub-org select hyTours.
  2. Click on the Agents Calendar dropdown.
  3. Select Admin Settings : Tour Site.

Step 2 - Select the Tour Experience Page

Once you are on Admin Settings : Tour Site page, click on Tour Experience.

Step 3 - Edit the Video Details

Once you land on the tour experience page you can edit the details as follows under the Video Tours Section:
  1. Edit the Page Title
  2. Edit the Description for the Video
  3. Edit the Name of the Video - You can edit the video Name. Reorder the sections or delete it.
  4. Add the Video URL
  5. Add the Thumbnail
  6. Click on Save, once you are done adding the details.

Now you know how to add video URLs in Tour Site!

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