How To Approve eBlasts in hyBlast

How To Approve eBlasts in hyBlast

Context has released a new hyBlast feature for eBlast approval. You can now approve/disapprove eBlasts directly in hyBlast.

Step 1 - Navigate to your hyBlast app

After an agent creates an eBlast and sends it for approval, you as the manager/approver will see a banner when you log into hyBlast.

Step 2 - Click on Review eBlast

Click 'Review eBlast' in the banner. Alternatively, you can click the notification bell to review the eBlast as well.

Step 3 - Check and Approve eBlast

In the eBlast edit/schedule page, you can approve the eBlast by clicking Approve in the upper right corner.

You can disapprove the eBlast by clicking Disapprove. Here, you can also send notes/feedback to the agent when they make additional edits.

As a third option, you can edit the eBlast yourself, save your changes, and then approve the eBlast. 

The eBlast will appear in your eBlast calendar.

*Note: If you do not approve the eBlast by the scheduled date and time, the eBlast will return to draft mode and will not send.
You are now ready to approve/disapprove eBlasts in hyBlast.
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