How to Assign Tags to Contacts in hyCRM

How to Assign Tags to Contacts in hyCRM


In this article you will learn how to assign tags to contacts. You can create 'Tags' for distinguishing certain contacts or leads in These tags will help you identify a specific group of contacts. For example - You did a test campaign on certain contacts and you want to remember these contacts for future analysis. You can filter all these contacts and assign a 'Tag' to them so that you easily find the list of the contacts. Assigning Tags also helps in creating contact groups in hyMail. You can refer to this article for creating Contacts Group - How to Create Custom Contact Groups.

Step 1 - Navigate hyCRM Contact List

Under your sub-org in
  1. Select hyCRM
  2. Click on Contacts Pipeline dropdown 
  3. Select Contacts List

Step 2 - Select the Filter 

Select the filter as per your requirement. You can select multiple filters from the available filter options at the right. You can filter with the following options:
  1. Status
  2. Sub-Status
  3. Agent
  4. Desired Price Range
  5. Desired Units
  6. Already Existing Tags
  7. Date Range
  8. Batch Name
  9. Subscriber Status
  10. Email Checks
Once you have selected the filters click on 'Filter' Button. You'll be able to see all the filtered list of contacts on the right side.

Step 3 - Select all Contacts 

Once you get the filtered list of contacts, click on the first check box besides the 'Last Modified' column and it will select all the contacts in the list.

Step 4 - Select Bulk Operation as 'Add Tag'

Once you have selected the entire list, click on the 'Select Bulk Operation' dropdown and select 'Add Tag'.


Step 5 - Put 'Tag' Name and Create Tag

Put the 'Tag' name as per your requirement and click on Update Contacts.

You will receive a pop up to confirm, click on 'Ok'

You'll receive a confirmation message.

You have successfully 'Tagged' the contacts as per your requirement!
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