How to Clone a Template

How to Clone a Template


For this tutorial, we are going to get a little more in-depth on customizing your email templates. You will learn how to clone a Template and customize its slices to fit your properties and branding guidelines.

Cloning a template is taking one of's Templates, duplicating it, and making sure it is customized with your brandings, such as the property logowebsite linkssocial links, and street address.

You will only need to customize the Header and Footer slices when cloning to match your branding guidelines. This is very helpful if you have several properties that are using the hyMail app.

Step 1 - Navigate to hyMail

Go to your hyMail Templates section of your Sub-org to select from various email templates to clone. There are two categories of Templates such as:
  1. Org Template
  2. Template
Select the Template category from which you want to select the email template and clone it. 

Step 2 - Clone Template

Once you have selected from the two categories mentioned above, hover over your selected template's thumbnail, and click the "Clone" button.

Step 3 - Select Sub-Org and Set Template Name

Under the Select Sub-org dropdown field, find the property that the email template will belong to. Once that is selected, be sure to name the template under the Set Template Name field.


Step 4 - Save the Cloned Template

Click on 'Save Clone to Edit Email.'

When you click the "Save Clone to Edit Email" button, your newly-cloned template will be ready to create various campaigns on hyMail's My Templates. Now you know how to clone a Template for any of your properties.
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