How to Close Out a Tour

How to Close Out a Tour


‚ÄčClosing out a tour is important for the property as they can keep a track of all their prospects that showed up for the appointment and also send hyTours post-tour autoresponder emails (If activated). If the property has also subscribed for SMS, we will also send a post-tour automated SMS.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to close out a past tour.


You can follow these steps to close out a past tour:

Step 1 - Go to HyTours

Under your sub-org, go to 'hyTours'

Step 2 - Click on a Past Tour

Click on a past tour which you need to close out

Step 3 - Click on Yes, Toured or No Show

Based on whether the prospect toured at the scheduled date and time or not, you can click on these options to close the tour:
  1. Yes, Toured - If the prospect was present and toured!
  2. No Show - If the prospect was absent and didn't tour!

Depending on the option clicked, there will be an email and/or an SMS sent out to the prospect:
  1. If 'Yes, Toured' is clicked, there will be a 'Thank you...' email and/or an SMS sent out to the prospect
  2. If 'No Show' is clicked, there will be a 'No Show' email and/or an SMS sent out to the prospect

Step 4 - Go to Step 3 to Edit

If you made a mistake and clicked an incorrect option in 'Step 3', you can click on 'Edit' to change it

The desired past tour will be closed!

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