How To Complete a Broker Upload

How To Complete a Broker Upload

Tutorial Guide

In this tutorial, you will learn how to complete a Broker Upload in hyBlast. Uploading the Broker list will allow you to send eBlasts to the Brokers.

File Format

The excel file of the contact list should be in CSV format. CSV File should contain at least 3 fields: First Name, Last Name, and Email. Sample CSV will look like this. It may contain n number of fields. You just need to map them to respective fields.

Points to be noted while creating the file:
  1. The first row and first column should not be empty or else the system will not be able to identify the data and will show error.
  2. Ensure that there are no empty rows or empty columns in between the data mentioned in the CSV file. An empty row or column in between will not allow the system to capture the entire data.
  3. The system will not accept any other file format other than CSV format.

Step 1- Navigate to your sub-org in hyBlast app

Login to hyBlast and select your Org and Sub-Org.

Step 2 - Navigate to Broker Upload Tab

Navigate to the Broker Upload tab found under Settings on the left sidebar of the app.

*Note: You can also begin the Broker Upload process from the Scheduling tab.

Step 3 - Click on the +Broker button

Click the +BROKER button

Step 4 - Edit the Fields as per your CSV File

After selecting the CSV file, you will see new fields that has two columns: the one column will be pre-set to Email and Full Name; the second column will allow you to select the matching column from your CSV upload. In other words, you will want to select your CSV’s Email column and Name column.

Step 5 - Import the Broker's List


Once the import is complete, you can refresh the page and your recent upload should appear in your Upload Log.

When you are ready to create an eBlast you can select your newly uploaded Brokers as the recipient in the Scheduling tab.

You are now able to complete a Broker Upload.

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