How to Create a Referral Campaign using hyRAF - Agent Experience

How to Create a Referral Campaign using hyRAF - Agent Experience


In this article, you will learn how to create a referral campaign using hyRAF as an Agent.


Ensure you have access to the hyRAF app. In case you don't, connect with the Hyly.AI team.

Step 1 - Navigation

Login to your account, under your sub-org, and click on hyRAF. 

hyRAF Tab
Once you click on hyRAF, it will take you to the default tab of the hyRAF app. This tab houses all the referral campaigns of your property irrespective of their status: Active or  Inactive. These campaigns are listed with the very recent one at the top, then the one earlier to that and, so on.

You can filter your campaigns by clicking on the 'Filter' option beside the search option and then by clicking on the 'Select Status' dropdown to select between the active or inactive campaigns.

To the far right of each campaign, you can click on Edit button to edit the existing campaign or click the three dots which offer the following options:
  1. Duplicate
  2. Preview
  3. Embed Code

Step 2 - Creating/Editing a Referral Campaign

Click the '+Referral Campaign' on the top right corner to create a referral campaign.

If you want to edit an existing campaign, click on "Edit" beside the campaign you wish to edit. 

Step 3 - Edit Referral Campaign

You will immediately be taken to the referral campaign template. Here you have to edit all the fields as per your campaign. 

Step 3a - Referral Campaign Details

Edit the "Title" and the "Reward" for the campaign in this section.

Step 3b - Community Invites Residents to Enroll

Edit the set of Invites that you want to share with the residents to enroll in the referral campaign via different channels like Email, SMS, Resident Portal, or by sharing a direct link.

Edit the Email/SMS copy as per the details of your campaign in the "Via Email/SMS" section.

To change the image, hover over it and click on "Change Image."

Edit the CTA button and Banner text in the "Via Resident Portal" section.

You can also copy the direct link to share the campaign details with your residents.

Step 3c - Resident Enrolls

Once you share the referral campaign invite with the residents, they'll want to Enroll. Define the pitch for the resident to enroll in this campaign in the "Resident Enrolls" section.

Step 3d - Resident Receives Email on Enrolling

You can edit the content of the "Thank you" email that the enrolled resident will receive in the "Resident Receives Email on Enrolling" section.

To change the image, hover over it and click on "Change Image."

Step 3d - Resident Invites a Friend

Give your residents the option to share the campaign via different channels like email, Facebook, or Twitter. Also, share a default email with the residents to forward it to their friends as an invitation. You can customize the content of the message as per your requirements. 

Once the residents share the invite with their friends, they'll receive a confirmation which is also customizable.

Edit the content for the "Share option," through which the residents can invite their friends. You can also select the platforms through which the residents can share the campaign details with their friends.

Edit the default email copy that the resident will be sharing with their friends.

To change the image, hover over it and click on "Change Image."

Edit the confirmation that the resident will get for sharing the campaign.

Step 3e - Resident Gets Discount

Once the referred friend leases in, the resident will get a final email for the reward details. You can customize the email content as per your referral campaign plan.

To change the image, hover over it and click on "Change Image."

Step 3f - Save 

Once you are done editing the campaign, ensure to click on "Save & Next" to save the details.

Step 4 - Check The Omnichannel Previews

In the omnichannel preview section, you will see how the entire campaign will look in different setups such as Desktop and Mobile. Select the email you want to see from the dropdown options and select the desktop or mobile option, whichever you wish to view.  

Step 5 - Schedule Invite

Step 5a - Send Test Invite

You are now ready to schedule your event invite. In the 'Schedule Invite' tab, you'll send a test email (and/or SMS) to the contacts of your choosing or your email.

Step 5b - Schedule Invite

After sending the test invite, you can select the date and time and click on "Schedule Invite" to schedule the campaign.

Your Refer a Friend campaign is now ready to be sent to the residents!

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