How to Create and Manage an Account in Hyly under an Org

How to Create and Manage an Account in Hyly under an Org


In this tutorial, you will learn how to create and manage an account under an org and provide required access according to the role of the user.

Step 1 - Create Account

In the first step you will learn how to create an account.

Step 1a - Navigate to Accounts

Under your Org, go to 'Accounts' > Click on 'Add New Account'

Step 1b - Fill in The Information

Fill in the required information of the person for whom the account is being created as shown in the attachment

Step 1c - Select the Role 

Select the 'Role' for the User of the account

Step 1d - Select the Properties

Select all the properties under the section 'Authorized For' for which you want to give access, to the user

Step 1e - Select Products and Access Type

Select the products and the type of access you want to provide to the user under the 'Select Products' section

Step 1f - Add User

Finally Click on 'Add User' to create the account

Step 1g - Confirmation Notification

You will be redirected to the 'Accounts' page, with a green message displayed

Step 1h - Login Details

The new user will get a Welcome email from that will include further instructions on how to login into, as shown below!

Step 2 - Manage Accounts

Navigate again to the org's Accounts and from there you can manage the already existing accounts.

Step 2a - Update Existing Account

Search for the account you want to make changes in from the search panel. You can search by putting the first name, last name, phone number or email id of the person and click on 'Search'. Once you find the account, click over the account.

It will direct to the details of the account. From here you can change the signature, property access, product access type or role details as per your requirement.

Step 2b - Archive Account

If you wish to archive an account of an employee who is no more associated with the property, search for the account following step 2a and scroll down to the bottom and click on 'Archive'. This will remove the account from the org.

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