How to Create Custom Contact Groups

How to Create Custom Contact Groups


In this article you will learn how to create a custom contact group for different target leads.

Step 1 - Navigate to My Groups in Contacts

Under select the sub-org > Select the Contacts > My Groups > Click on '+ Add New Group'

Step 2 - Edit the Group Name and the Group Description

You can edit the Group Name as per your requirement depending on the target audience and mention the description as well. 

Step 3 - Put the Group Expressions

The group expression helps you categorize a large sample of data into groups depending on certain attributes. There can be many ways to categorize the groups depending on exactly what audience you want to target. You can make groups using the different category options available such as Email, Campaigns, Email Checks, Batches or Categories under Sub-org fields and Contacts' fields.

Example 1 - If you want to create a group of an already uploaded CSV file which has a particular ' Batch' name.
  1. Select the option 'Batch'
  2. Put the next expression as 'IS', 'Includes' or 'Excludes' (as per requirement)
  3. Put the 'Batch' name
  4. Click on the '+' sign below the first expression if you want to add further filters within the same group. For example - If you want the leads with 'Email Checks' as 'Ok' only. Select 'Email Checks' 'IS' 'Ok' as the next expression.
  5. You can select the option of 'AND' / 'OR' incase of multiple group expressions depending on the audience you want to target.

You can preview the list of contacts before creating the group by clicking on 'Preview'. Once you are sure click on 'Create' and the group will be created. Incase the results are not what you are looking for, you can click on 'Cancel' to abort the entire process.

Example 2 - If you want to create a group of contacts with particular 'Tag' assigned to it.
  1. Select the option 'Tags' (Refer to the article for creating Tags - How to Create Tags for Contacts in hyCRM)
  2. Put the next expression as 'IS', 'Includes' or 'Excludes' (as per requirement).
  3. Put the 'Tag' name.
  4. Incase you want to put further filtration in the same group, click on the 'Bracket' sign below the first expression.
  5. Select the 'AND'/'OR' function as per your requirement.
  6. Put the next expression. For Example - You want further filtration in the group of people who have 'Toured' the property. Select the expression as 'Sub-Status' 'IS' 'Toured'.
  7. For further filtration again select the 'AND'/'OR' function as per your requirement.
  8. Put the next expression as per your filtration requirement. For Example - You also want the group of people who have 'Scheduled' tour with the property. Select the expression as 'Sub-Status' 'IS' 'Scheduled'.

Similarly you can create groups with multiple options available in the dropdown for each expression. 

Example 3 - Contact groups created with Time Frame

Incase of contact groups created with a certain Time Frame Expression, it will become a recurring group. For example - If you create a group for the contacts who's lease end date is within a month, the leads in the contact groups will automatically keep getting updated on real time basis.

Note -  For date field, you can use today, today-7.days, today+2.week, today-1.month, today+1.year, mm/dd, dd/mm

Step 4 - View Details of the Contact Group

Once you have created the group, you can view it in the My Groups page. From here you can:
  1. Calculate the Size of the group by clicking on the 'Calculate Size' option. Incase the file size huge then you'll receive the details exported through an email
  2. Edit the Group.
  3. Download the Group file by clicking on 'Export'.
  4. Archive the Group. 
  5. Check the total number of groups created.

Your Contact group is created!
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