How To Edit a hyALM Email Drip

How To Edit a hyALM Email Drip


hyALM allows you to access and edit your email drips (also called 'Angels'). You can edit every major field:
  1. Email Title
  2. Subject
  3. Email slice
  4. Images - *Note: Images should be 600x340 pixels

Edit an Email Drip

Step 1 - Navigate to the Email Drip 

Under your sub-org in my select the hyALM app. Select your property and select the Angel and the Email Drip you wish to Edit. After navigating to the email drip you would like to edit, hover over the individual email and click 'Edit.'

Step 2 - Select the Slice to Edit

Click on the 'Slice' you wish to edit.

Each Slice contains the following editable fields:
  1. Title
  2. Image
  3. Subject
  4. Body
  5. CTA URL
  6. CTA Text

The Slice can also be:
  1. Moved Up
  2. Moved Down
  3. Duplicated
  4. Edited
  5. Deleted

Additionally, you can create an entirely new slice:

Step 3 - Turn Email 'On' or 'Off'

After editing your Slices and previewing your changes, you can turn the email on or off and 'SAVE' your changes:

Step 4 - Test your Email

Test your email by clicking on the 'Test' section and entering the email/s you wish to send the email to:

Your email will be updated and you can return to the email drip section:

Step 5 - Turn On the Drips and the Angel

Once all your drips are edited, you can toggle the drips and the angel on.

You now know how to edit hyALM email drips.

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