How to Import Contacts

How to Import Contacts


If you have a list of contacts (The excel file of the contact list should be in CSV format) that you need to import into below are the steps to follow. This document will explain how you can import multiple contacts with multiple fields into

File Format

The excel file of the contact list should be in CSV format. CSV File should contain at least 3 fields: First Name, Last Name, and Email. Sample CSV will look like this. It may contain n number of fields. You just need to map them to respective fields.

Points to be noted while creating the file:
  1. The first row and first column should not be empty or else the system will not be able to identify the data and will show error.
  2. Ensure that there are no empty rows or empty columns in between the data mentioned in the CSV file. An empty row or column in between will not allow the system to capture the entire data.
  3. The system will not accept any other file format other than CSV format.

Step 1 - Navigate to Contact Import/Export

Select Org > Go to Contacts > Select Contact Import/Export.

Step 2  - Upload a CSV File

Select File and Upload your CSV file. 

Wait for the popup to give you information regarding CSV. 

The system will display the rows and column counts from the CSV file and also displays all column names from the first row. If you are 100% sure that the rows and column counts are good and column names are correct then proceed and click on [Looks good] otherwise do not go ahead, click on [Let me Restart] and check your CSV file and upload it again following the above steps.

Step 3 - Map the File Fields with Respective Fields

If you click on [Looks good] then it will populate a section called Map Fields.

  1. Map CSV Fields to Fields. Select the value from dropdown or enter the value in text box related to the label besides that. For example: If file contains Email address then map the CSV Email Address.
  2. Map the Sub-Status with the Contacts from the column you want in the CSV file.
  3. Add some unique Batch name and Tags related to this CSV file so that in case of any kind of failures, you can just find the batch name/tags and revert back the upload or if you need to create contact group for particularly this import you can use this batch name/tags.
  4. Map the Full Name with the Name Column in the CSV File. Do a double-check of the mapping between CSV Fields and Fields.
You can ignore all the other fields incase if it is not required.

Step 4 - Put Your Email Id for Confirmation

If its good then add your email at the bottom so we will email you when the file is imported. We will email you a success/failure report as well.

Click on 'Load File' and wait until you get the email for a confirmation. It may take a couple of minutes to import.

Step  5 - Email Confirmation with Details

You will get the email confirmation like this based on the counts of the CSV Uploaded.

Email confirmation will include following results:
    1. Number of  Leads were imported successfully.
    2. Number of  Leads were added to the lead list.
    3. Number of  Leads replaced existing leads with the same email in the lead list.

Step 6 - View the Uploaded File

Once you get the email you will be able to see the uploaded file in logs as below. In case of any failures just find the batch name and undo it.

Step 7 - Check Contacts in CRM

Now you can go to hyCRM and search for the email id or name and find the lead
Your Contact File is Successfully Imported!

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