How To Manage Agent Settings : Amenities

How To Manage Agent Settings : Amenities


hyTours' new feature--Amenity Reservations--allows residents to book amenities at your properties. As agents, you have the ability to set parameters for each amenity, such as hours, end dates, holidays, etc.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to change recurring slots and exceptions for your amenities.

Managing Amenity Recurring Slots

Step 1.  Navigate to hyTours and select Agent Settings: Amenities in the drop-down menu at the property level.

Step 2. Select the amenity you wish to edit.
*Note: Amenities will differ based on the property.

Step 3. Enter/edit the following fields and save your changes:
  1. Appointment duration - Max length of time an Amenity can be reserved 
  2. Amenity Availability Begin Date - Date the Amenity will be open and available for reservation
  3. Amenity Availability End Date - Date the Amenity will no longer be available for reservation 
  4. Amenity Hours - The hours the Amenity is available for booking
  5. Exclusions - Time of day, during the available hours, the amenity is not available for reservation
  6. Max reservation per slot - How many guests you can have 
*Note: If your Max Reservation is 1 the Guests field in the scheduler will not appear. If a resident tries to schedule for more guests than are allowed, the resident will receive an error. You want to set the max reservation for the max number of guests to include the resident making the reservation. 

Managing Amenity Holidays & Exceptions

Step 1. Navigate to the Holidays & Exceptions tab under Agent Settings: Amenities.

Step 2. Click Add Holiday and select the date your amenity will be closed on. For example, Christmas Day.
*Note: Holidays and Exceptions apply to all of the amenities in your property.  Therefore, any exceptions, for example, half-day closings will apply to all amenities. To add exclusions, simply select the day and enter the hours the amenity is available.

Step 3. Save your changes.

You are now able to manage amenity recurring slots and exceptions.
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