How to Manage Admin Settings : hyTours Scheduler

How to Manage Admin Settings : hyTours Scheduler


Before changing/adding/deleting visible fields in your hyTour Scheduler, please ensure you have access to hyTours

Tutorial Guide

In this tutorial, you will learn how to manage your hyTour Scheduler fields.

Step 1 - Navigate to Admin Settings: Tour Scheduler

Go to the hyTour app > select your Sub-org > click on the 'Agent Calendar' drop down and select the Admin Settings: Tour Scheduler 

Step 2 - Edit Title and Verbiage

You can edit the 'Title' and the 'Verbiage' of the Tour Scheduler in the 'Title' and 'Special Message' Section

Step 3 - Enable or Disable the Appointment Types

You can enable or disable the appointment types by checking or unchecking the boxes beside the appointment types option.

Step 4 - Review Visible Fields

Click the Edit option under the Scheduler Design page and review your Visible Fields.

Step 5 - Add Customised Field

To add a customised field click on '+ New Field' and click on the drop down option to select the required question from the list.

Step 6 - Reorder Field Sequence

To reorder these fields, click and drag the fields by using the cross-directional icon on the left side of the field.

Step 7 - Make a Field Mandatory

To make a field mandatory click the star icon next to the field. 

Step 8 - Delete a Field

To delete a field simply click the trash icon to the right of the field.

Click on 'SAVE' once you are done editing.

Step 9 - Preview

After saving your changes, you can preview your scheduler as it will appear to the prospect.


You are now able to manage you hyTour Scheduler Fields.

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