How to Manage Tasks in hyCRM

How to Manage Tasks in hyCRM


In this tutorial you will learn how you can create and manage tasks in hyCRM.

Step 1 - Navigate to Tasks in hyCRM

In my under your sub-org, go to hyCRM > Click on the Contacts Pipeline dropdown > Select Tasks

Step 2 - Create Task

You can Create a new task following the below mentioned steps:

Step 2a - Add Task

To add a Task, click on the '+' sign on the top right corner.

Step 2b - Edit Task

Edit the following details in the task:
  1. Prospect name
  2. Select the Task type from the options - Call, Email and To-Do
  3. Put the Due-Date
  4. Put the details of the task in 'About'
  5. Select the Agent from the 'Assign' dropdown
  6. Add any notes if required
Click on 'Create' once you are done filling the details.

Step 3 - Search Existing Task

You can search for an existing task in the below mentioned two ways:
  1. Through Search Panel
  2. Through Tasks by Agent

Step 3a - Search from Search Panel

You can search for existing tasks from the search panel by filling in any of the following details:
  1. Type of Tasks - Call, Email or To-Do
  2. Contact Name associated with the Task
  3. Email Id
  4. Agents Name
  5. Done, Not Done or All
  6. Date Range
Once if you have put in the appropriate information, click on 'Search'

Step 3b - Search From Tasks by Agent

You can also search for a Task assigned to a Particular agent from the Tasks by Agent table. Click on the type of Task you want to look for beside the name of the agent and under the type of task. All the tasks assigned to that particular agent under that particular type of task will show below the Table. From there you can select the Task you are searching for.

Step 4 - Edit the Existing Task

Search for the task you want to edit or update. Hover the cursor over the task towards the right end and you'll be able to see the 'Edit', 'Delete' and 'Check box' icons. Click on the 'Pencil' icon to edit the task, on the 'Delete' icon to delete it and in the 'Check Box' to complete it.

Step 4a - Edit the Existing Task

You can Edit or Update the following details of the already existing tasks:
  1. Contact Name
  2. Task type from the options - Call, Email and To-Do
  3. Due-Date
  4. Details of the task in 'About'
  5. Change the Agent from the 'Assign' dropdown
  6. The notes 
Click on 'Save' to save the changes made.
You can also cancel the changes by clicking on 'Cancel' while editing, incase if you change your mind.

Step 4b -  Archive or Delete Tasks

Search for the task you want to archive > click on the 'Edit' icon. Once you get the details of the task, click on 'Archive'.

Or you can just click on the 'Delete' Icon to delete a task.

You can effectively manage the Tasks following the above mentioned process.
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