How to Manually Change a Prospect’s State

How to Manually Change a Prospect’s State


In this overview, you will learn how you can manually change a prospect’s state under the CRM pipeline.

Drag & Drop A Prospect

Under your hyCRM app’s Pipeline View, click and drag on the tile of a prospect. For example, if you sent a New prospect an email and they replied to it, you would move them to the  Informed bucket.

When you drop the prospect’s tile into their new state bucket, they will automatically be listed under that bucket on the CRM pipeline.

Select Multiple Prospects

Under your hyCRM app’s List View, select multiple prospects by clicking the checkbox on the left side of their tile. After you have selected which prospects are going to have their state changed, click on the Select Bulk Operation dropdown and choose the option, "Change Prospect State."

Another dropdown, this one labeled Select State, will appear, where you can choose the new state your selected prospects will be. For example, if an agent has sent out contact email to several New prospects, select the state option for Contacted.

Click the "Update Prospects" button, and the selected prospects’ state bucket will automatically change to the newly selected one.

Add a Prospect through the CRM

You can add in a prospect by clicking the "Add New Prospect" button, which will cause a small form to pop-up. All you need to do is type in the prospect's email address, and enter what their Prospect and Resident statuses are.

After you click on the "Create" button, you will be automatically redirected to the newly-added prospect's profile page. Here, you can fill in additional information, like their name, phone number, address, and what kind of floor plan they are looking for.

Change A Prospect’s Profile Status

When you are on a prospect’s profile page, you can change their state by clicking their Prospect State dropdown bar, which is located at the top of their profile widget.

For example, if a Scheduled prospect had their apartment tour today, you would change their state to Toured.

That covers all of the ways you can manually change a prospect’s state.
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