How To Merge Duplicate Contacts

How To Merge Duplicate Contacts


Occasionally, you will have prospects or residents that schedule a tour and later an appointment and provide two email addresses. Or they might call your team via their work phone and send a text message via a cell phone. When this happens, two (or more) separate contacts are created in hyCRM. However, the contact is the same. Due to this, has developed a feature to merge contacts within the hyCRM, so you can better maintain accurate data.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to merge duplicated contacts in hyCRM.

Step 1 - Navigate to Contact List

Navigate to Contact Lists under hyCRM.

Step 2 - Locate the Contact to Merge

Locate one of the duplicated contacts and click Merge Duplicates found in the three-dot drop-down in the top right of the screen.

Step 3 - Find the Duplicate Contacts

In the 'Find Duplicates' page, you will see the contact selected. The system will automatically pull additional contacts it deems duplicate to the contact you've selected based on like phone numbers or email addresses. If like contacts are not displayed, simply click 'search here' to search for additional duplicates.

Step 4 - Select All the Duplicate Contacts to be Merged

After all duplicates are found, select each duplicate and click Next.

Step 5 - Select the Correct Contact Info

In the Merge Contacts page, select the primary contact info and preview your changes to the right.

Step 6 - Click on Merge

Click Merge.

Step 7 - Merged Contact Details

The newly merged contact will appear in your Contact List.
*Note any subscriptions will be active. This means if a contact has an email address that is unsubscribed and one that is subscribed, the merged contact will adopt the subscribed status. Additionally, all activities, ie. calling logs, tours, appointments, etc., are merged with the single contact and can be viewed in the activity stream. Finally,  the other contacts that have been merged are archived and their information is stored.

You now know how to merge duplicated contacts in hyCRM.

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