Blocking Holidays on hyTours Calendar

Blocking Holidays on hyTours Calendar


With hyTours you get the option to block the holidays in your Agent Calendar, so that you don't receive any tours during the holidays. In this article you will learn how to block holidays through hyTours.
You can set up any holidays, schedule amendments, or exclusions in the Holidays & Exceptions Page found under Agent Settings.

Step 1 - Navigate to Holidays & Exception Page.

In your
  1. Select your sub-org
  2. Select hyTours
  3. Click on the Agents Calendar Drop down
  4. Select Agent Settings : Tour Scheduler
  5. Click on Holidays & Exception Page.

Step 2 - Add Holiday

If, for example, you wanted to block off all tours on Christmas Day, click on the button "Add a Holiday."

Choose the 25th of December as the date.

And the automatic choice is to have an "All Day" exclusion, which would prohibit any tours to be booked for that day.

If, however, you wanted to accept some tours during certain times on that day you would click the "x" button next to the "All Day" exclusions button, and now you can customize the tour hours of that day by clicking on the start and end times.

You can also specify any exclusions during that day by clicking on the "+" button under Exclusions, and choose any number of hour-long periods during the scheduled day to block off from tours.

Ensure that you choose the correct 'Max Reservations' per slot while you are accepting tours during the holidays. Or else you will get extra tours.

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