How to Reintegrate a Suborg

How to Reintegrate a Suborg


In Yardi, the reason we sometimes need to resync or reintegrate the suborg during the onboarding process is because we need particular agents, sources, results, floor plans, and units. These need to be added in the Yardi account, by the Property/Property Manager, while setting up the property account in Yardi.

Ideal Scenario: All the Integration Checks are completed

Improper Scenario: Some or All of the Integration checks are incomplete

How to Reintegrate

This is one of the two ways to reintegrate and check if the resources such as units, agents, sources, and etc have been added or not, where you have to disintegrate the property and then integrate the property again. Then click 'Run Now' on the Get Resources automation.

Step 1 - Under your Org, go to 'Automation'

Under your Org, go to 'Automation'

Step 2 - Go to Integrations

Click on 'Playbooks' to view other tabs on the left, then click on 'Integrations'

Step 3 - Click on 'Yardi'

Step 4 - Select the Yardi account, click on the Properties tab

Click on Yardi, then click on the Properties' tab to view the properties under the account

Step 5 - Remove Synced Property

Click on the bin icon, against the property you want to reintegrate, and then click on 'Remove'

Step 6 - Integrate the property again

You will have to select the appropriate Property Name against the Yardi Property Name under the Yardi integration account, and then
  1. Click on the Sync/Check button
  2. After the sync is completed, click on 'ADD TO SYNC' button
  3. Click on 'Sync, Fix Later'
  4. Finally, click on 'UPDATE NOW'

Step 7 - Under your Org, Go to Automation > Go to Lifecycle Plays

Under your Org, go to 'Automation', then click on 'Playbooks', to view other tabs on left, finally click on 'Lifecycle Plays'

Step 8 - Locate 'Get Resources' automation under the Yardi Account's Feed Angels

You will have to locate the 'Get Resources' automation specific Yardi account's feed angels, hover on to the automation and then click on 'View'

Step 9 - Run the 'Get Resources' automation

Click on the second tab, named Yardi > Get Resources, and then click on 'Run Now', finally click on 'Yes' to Call the API

Step 10 - Verify Integration checks and resources

Under the Yardi Account's Integration page, you will have to click on the 'eye' button against the chosen property, to verify and check for the agents, sources, results and units

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