How To Schedule A Tour As An Agent

How To Schedule A Tour As An Agent


In case if the prospect is not able to schedule a tour on his/her end, the agents can also do it for them with the +Tours option in Agent Calendar of hyTours. 
In this article, you will learn how an agent can schedule a tour in behalf of the prospects.

Step 1 - Navigate to Agent Calendar

Log in to your account and select hyTours under your sub-org. You'll be directed to the Agent Calendar.

Step 2 - Click on +Tour Button

On the Agent Calendar, click on +Tour to add a tour on behalf of the prospect. 

Step 3 - Schedule The Tour

On clicking on +Tour, you will be directed to the Tour Scheduler. Select the tour type, choose a date and time for the tour and fill out the customer information fields.

Since you, as an agent, are scheduling the tour, the lead attribution won't be captured automatically. Therefore, ensure to check the lead attribution from the prospect and select the options in the Lead Attribution section accordingly.

Once all the information is accurately filled in, click on Schedule to schedule the tour.

The scheduled tour will reflect on the Agent Calendar of hyTour.

You can follow the article How to Cancel or Reschedule a Tour to cancel or reschedule the tour.

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