How To Send Show To Yardi

How To Send Show To Yardi


As part of the process the Send Show data is supposed to be sent to the Yardi CRM of the clients from Hyly.AI systems. In case if you missed to send the data or if you have sent the wrong data, you can follow the below-mentioned process to Send Show data to Yardi from Hyly.AI.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Contact 

Log into your account, under your sub-org, navigate to hyTours Agent Calendar and select the contact for which you have to Send Show.

Or you can also search for the contact directly from the hyCRM appContact List.

Step 2 - Click on the Yardi Icon

Once you are on the contact page of the lead, click on the Yardi Icon on the left side panel beside Contact Info.

Step 3 - Fill In The Details

You will get a pop-up on clicking on the Yardi icon. Click on the check box of Send Show and then click on Next.

Select the Unit as applicable, add some Notes and click on Next.

Select the Desired Floor Plan and Desired Unit, add a comment, and click Next.

Once you have filled in all the details, verify it and click Send to Yardi. Or you can click on Back if you need to make changes.

Your Send Show would be sent to Yardi. If you missed anything or want to make any changes, you can repeat the same process to Send Show again.
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