Live Video Tours Set-Up

Live Video Tours Set-Up


In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up 'Live Video Tours' following the steps below.

Step 1 - Set Up Automations

Step 1a - Navigate to Tour Scheduled Artie

Go to your 'Org' in > Click on 'Automations' > Click on 'Playbooks' drop down > Click on 'Lifecycle Plays' > Go to 'Touring Automations Section' and click 'Edit' on 'Tour Scheduled Artie.'

Step 1b - Navigate to 'Live Video Tours' in 'Notify Prospect Artie'

Click on 'Notify Prospect' Artie > click on 'Live Video Tour' > Hover on to the email and click on 'Edit.'

Step 1c - Edit the Email body

You can now edit the email body and add, edit or delete the different email slices such as 'Header,' 'Body,' and 'Footer.' Make sure to click on 'Save Changes' once you have edited the email as per your requirement.

Step 1d - Edit Email Header

Under the 'Email Header' section, you can change the email's subject, the pre-header of the email, etc. Click on the 'Update' button to make sure the changes are updated!

Step 1e - Send Test Email

After making the changes in the sections 'Email Header' & 'Email Body,' you can simply send a test email to your email address under the 'Send a Test' section to make sure all the changes you made are reflected in the final email
  1. You need to enter the email address to which the test email will be sent
  2. You can also change the subject line prefix of the test email
  3. Select the lead info you would like to use using any of the three options shown below
  4. Finally, click on 'Send.'

Step 1f - Save the Changes Made

Click on 'When Then' at the top left to go back to the main page of the automation, and then click on 'Save Changes.'

Video Tour Automation are successfully updated!

Step 2 - Test 'Live Video Tour'

Step 2a - Navigate to Agents Calendar

Go to Sub-Org > Click on hyTours > In Agent Calendar > Click on '+Tour.'

Step 2b - Schedule a test 'Live Video Tour'

Schedule a test 'Live Video' tour by selecting the tour type as 'Live Video Tour' and putting in the details such as 'Date,' Time,' 'First Name,' 'Last Name,' 'Email ID,' 'Phone No.' etc. Then Select the attribution details and click on 'Schedule.' 

You'll get a confirmation of the Tour being Scheduled. You can copy the Video Tour URL and join the Tour by clicking on the link.

Step 2c - Prospect Email Notification

The prospect will get the following email notification. They can join the Tour on the scheduled 'Date' and 'Time' by clicking on the 'Join Video Tour' link mentioned in the email. They can also 'Cancel' or 'Reschedule' the tour as well as per their convenience.

Step 2d - Agent Email Notification

As the Agent, you will receive the following notification once the tour is scheduled. You can join the tour on the scheduled date and time by joining the 'Live Video Tour' link. You can also check the prospect details by clicking on 'Prospect Profile'

The 'Live Video Tour' set-up check is complete!

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