How To Set Up the Amenities Scheduler

How To Set Up the Amenities Scheduler


hyTours' new feature--Amenity Reservations--allows residents to book amenities at your properties. As admin users, you have the ability to set up the amenities scheduler with a series of parameters specific to each property.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up the Amenities Scheduler.

Setting Up the Amenities Scheduler

Step 1.  Navigate to hyTours and select Admin Settings: Amenities

Step 2. To edit, click the pencil icon to the right of the amenity or add a new amenity by clicking + New Amenity.
*Note: You can edit the name and color coding for each amenity.

*Note: You can also delete amenities by clicking the trash icon to the right of the amenity.

Step 3. After your amenities have been added, click the edit icon to set up the amenity scheduler.

You can include the following in your scheduler:
  1. All your amenities by checking their respective boxes 
  2. A Guest Limit - *Note: If left unchecked, it will not appear in the scheduler or in the scheduler preview
  3. Required Fields the residents complete when booking their reservation  

You can preview your changes to the right.

Step 4. Save your changes.

You are now able to set up your Amenities Scheduler.
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