How to Split Contact Groups for A/B Testing Campaign

How to Split Contact Groups for A/B Testing Campaign


  1. Make sure you have access to the hyMail app.


In this tutorial you will learn how to split a particular contacts group into two parts and send the two variants of an email for an A/B testing.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Template in hyMail 

Under your sub-org in my, go to hyMail. Hover your cursor over the template you want for the A/B testing and click on 'Design'.

Step  2 - Add New Variant

Once you open the template, click on the 'Email Control' dropdown and select 'Add New Variant'. You will receive a pop up notification to confirm, click on 'Yes'

Step 3 - Select the Percentage of Audience for Each Variant Email

Once you have added the Variant email, it will direct you to a page where you can control the percentage of the audience for each email. Just move the slider above the email to adjust the percentage.

You can also Swap, Preview or Rename the two Variants as well as the Common Name of the Campaign. If required you can also Delete the variant.

Step 4 - Design the Control Email

Step 4a - Click on 'Design' 

Once you have adjusted the Audience group percentage for each email, hover over to the control email and click on 'Design'

Step 4b - Edit the Email Body

You can Edit the Email Title, Subtitle, CTA, Text, etc. as per your requirement. Once you have edited the email body, click on 'Save Changes' to save the changes.

Step 4c- Edit the Email Header

Click on 'Edit Header' Tab. Edit the Subject, Preheader, From, Reply To etc and click on Update.

Step 4d - Send Test Email

Click on the 'Send a Test' page and send yourself a Test Email to check if the email is all correct.

Step 4e - Select the  Contact Group

Click on 'Send Groups' tab. Click on the contact group dropdowns > select the 'Property and the contact group you want to send the email to. You can also add another group by clicking on the 'Add another group' button or exclude a certain group by clicking on the 'Exclude' group. Once you are done selecting the contact groups, click on 'Update'.

Step 5 - Edit the Variant Email

Step 5a - Navigate to Variant Email

Once you have edited the Control Email, click on the Email Control dropdown and select the Email Variant option.

Step 5b - Edit the Variant Email

Repeat the steps 4b-4d and edit the Variant email.  

Step 6 - Schedule the Email

Once you are done with editing both the variants, click on the Schedule tab. You will get to choose from the below mentioned three options for scheduling the email:
  1. Deliver at the following time
  2. Deliver the campaign immediately
  3. Deliver the campaign in Monitored Batches

Step 6a - Deliver at the following time

If you select the 'Deliver at the following time' option, you can schedule the email as per the date and time you wish to send the email. Once you put the date and time, Edit the Subject of both the variants and click on the 'Schedule' button.

Step 6b - Deliver the campaign immediately

If you wish to send the email immediately after you updated all the details, click on the option ' Deliver the campaign immediately', edit the subject for each variant and click on 'Send'.

Step 6c - Deliver the campaign in Monitored Batches

If you want to deliver the email in batches then you can select the option to 'Deliver the campaign in Monitored Batches'. Under this option you can select the percentage of lead size in each batch and schedule a time and date for each batch. You can also add extra batches if required.

 You can also decide the threshold for the emails unsubscribed, emails bounced and for complaints. Once the threshold for any of these are achieved in any of the batches sent, then the entire campaign will stop. Once you are done editing the details,  edit the subject for each variant.

Step 6d - Add Tags

You can tag the email recipients of the campaign. This will help you identify the group of contacts you have sent the email to. Select the option 'Yes' beside the question 'Tag Recipient' and Edit the Tag as per your requirement.
Once you are done editing everything, click on 'Schedule'.

Your A/B Testing Campaign is all set!

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