How to View, Edit, and Delete Walk Ins

How to View, Edit, and Delete Walk Ins


For walk-ins and unscheduled visits to your property, using the "Walk In" function in hyTours is the definitive solution.

In this tutorial you will go over how to view, edit and delete a Walk In.

How to View Details of a Walk In

Step 1 - Navigate to Agent's Calendar

Login to
  1. Select the sub-org
  2. Go to hyTours

Step 2 - Select the Walk-In 

Click on the walk in you wish to view.

The details of the walk in may appear automatically once you reach the activity stream page. The notes that were written for the prospect's visit are available to view under their activity stream timeline.

How to Edit Details of a Walk In

Step 1 - Select the Walk In

Click on the walk in you wish to edit. 

Step 2 - Edit the Contact Info

You can edit the contact details of the Walk In
  1. Click on the 'Contact Info' Button.
  2. Click on the 'Edit' icon.
  3. Edit the necessary details.
  4. Click on the 'tick' sign to save the changes.
(Note: the only field that cannot be edited is the email field.) 

Step 3 - View Changes

View changes in the activity stream. The new edits will overwrite the previous entries and appear in the same activity as part of the activity stream.

How to Delete Walk Ins

Step 1 - Select the Walk In

Click on the walk in you wish to delete.

Step 2 - Delete Walk In

Click on the notification on the top and select "Delete Tour".
Note - You can only Delete the tours to which you have not taken any action on.

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