hyBlast 104: Accessing hyBlast Reports

hyBlast 104: Accessing hyBlast Reports


In this training, you will learn how to access Reports in hyBlast .
  1. Accessing Reports at the Org level
  2. Accessing Reports at the Sub-Org level
  3. Sending Reports

hyBlast Reports allow you to view stats related to your E-Blasts:
  1. Days since the E-Blast was sent
  2. The number of Sends (recipients)
  3. How many people opened the E-Blast
  4. How many recipients clicked on the links in the E-Blast
*Note: You will also get a report back on how many recipients unsubscribed to your campaign or blocked it. For perspective, 15-20% for residents is average amount. While for prospects, the average amount is 5-10%.

Accessing Reports at the Org Level

Under the "Org level," go to the "Reports" tab on the left sidebar of the app.

Select either "Property Audit" or "Property E-Blast" to view the desired report.

Select the dates you wish to view for the Report.

Accessing the Reports at the Sub-Org Level

You can also access Reports by selecting an E-Blast in Calendar view. 

After clicking into the E-Blast, you will see an overview report of the specific E-Blast your are viewing. 

You view specific aspects of this report by using the dropdown menu in the top right corner. Here you can view fields such as Sent List, Unique Opened List, Complained List etc.

  1. Sent - Number of contacts the E-Blast was sent to.
  2. Unique Opens - The total number of opens divided by amount of emails delivered. 
For example, one recipient can open an E-Blast three times, and it will only count as one Unique Open.
  1. Unique Clicks - The total number of clicks divided by amount of emails delivered.  Essentially, how many times that one recipient clicked on the links provided in the E-Blast
  2. Unsubscribes - Shows how many unsubscribed from the E-Blast. 
  3. Blacklisted - How many E-Blasts were blocked by the recipient. 
  4. Complaints - The number of those who complained about receiving the E-Blasts.
  5. Bounces - E-Blasts that came back as "Not Delivered" due to an incorrect email address.

Sending Reports

Finally, you can send these reports at the Org level. To do so, use the mail icon in the top right of the app.

You can send the selected Report to as many recipients are you choose. You will also need to set the Send Every field and the Send date range of field. 

For the Send Every field, you will select a day of the week. The report will then send every week at 6am on the day of your choosing.

For the Send date range of field, you will select either Last Week or Last 30 days. This date range will remain the same for each report unless you change it.

*Note: All fields can be changed; however, these changes will overwrite any previous Schedule format you had previously set.

You are now able to access, read, and send Reports in hyBlast.

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