hyBlasts Approval Process

hyBlasts Approval Process


hyBlasts offers an approval process so admins and selected agents can review eBlasts before they are sent to prospects, residents, and/or brokers. This approval process has recently been updated and now offers admins a more robust approval experience.
In this article, you will learn about hyBlast's approval process.


The Approval Process set-up has not changed; however, as a reminder, Admins can determine:
  1. If eBlast approval is necessary
  2. Who approves an eBlast
  3. If any agents can approve eBlasts

After navigating to the Settings tab in the left menu, you will be under the Approval Process subtab.

Step 1 - Determine if eBlast approval is required:

Step 2 - Determine who approves eBlasts

Step 3 - Determine if there are any agents who do not need approval

New Approval Experience

If you are an admin user/approver, your approval experience has changed slightly. You'll notice hyBlast features a new Approvals tab in the left menu and a new Approvals icon in the top right of the screen.

If an eBlast has been submitted for approval, you will see a red notification on the approvals icon:

You will also see a banner notifying you there is an eBlast waiting for your review:

From the banner or icon, you will be taken to the eBlast to review and either disapprove or approve:

Approvals Tab

You can also review and approve eBlasts through the Approvals Tab:

My Approvals

The My Approvals subtab houses all eBlasts waiting for your approval across properties you have access to. You can navigate to this subtab through the Approvals tab in the left menu or through the approvals icon when you have an eBlast waiting for your approval.

All Approvals

The All Approvals subtab houses all eBlasts waiting for approval from approvers across all properties. These will include properties you do not have access to, yet you are able to see eBlasts waiting for approval.

Approval History

The Approval History subtab displays all eBlasts that have been approved across all properties. 

This has been an overview of Hy.ly's new approval experience.

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