hyTours Tour Scheduler Modes : Overview

hyTours Tour Scheduler Modes : Overview


Hyly.AI hyTours offers three different types of Tour Scheduler modes for availability settings. These are:

  1. Hyly.AI Mode
  2. Headless Mode
  3. Compatibility Mode

In this article, you will learn about all three hyTours Tour Scheduler Modes. 

1. Hyly.AI Mode

Hyly.AI Tour Scheduler is a versatile app that allows the property team to enable prospects to self-schedule tours directly from a property's website and manage newly-scheduled appointments for touring prospects. You can set up and customize the information a property's Scheduler will contain on one section of the app. In another section, you can view upcoming and newly-added tours with the Agent Calendar.

With the Hyly.AI scheduler mode, you will be able to manage the following settings, and the same will reflect on the Tour Scheduler:

Agents Settings

With Agent Settings, the agents can control the tour availability settings on the calendar. They can customize the following settings with agent access:
  • Appointment Duration
  • Appointment Start Time
  • Tour Availability Begin Date
  • Heads-up Time
  • Tour Limit
  • Office Hours
  • Max reservation per slot
  • Holidays and Exceptions
All these settings will reflect on the Tour Scheduler as per the customization done by the agents and the admins. Read here to follow the steps to change the settings: Set up Scheduler Slots

Apart from this with hyTours the agents can create agent events, add walk-ins, and schedule tours on behalf of prospects.

2. Headless Mode

The Headless Tour scheduler allows the property management team to continue managing prospect's touring appointments and guest cards on their PMS's CRM (Yardi, Entrata, Knock, etc.) without switching to the Hyly interface. Headless Tour Scheduler works in sync with the property's PMS system and depends on the tour settings and availability set in the PMS, which gets transferred from the PMS to Hyly.AI. Headless mode is preferable for the properties which are comfortable using their own CRM for handling daily operations as they only require the Tour Scheduler to be placed on their website, ILS, GMB, and FB.

Key Features of Headless Tour Scheduler

  1. Control over Tour Scheduler Settings such as the Agent Availability, Tour Durations, Tour Availability, Heads-up time, Office Hours, Holidays and Exceptions, Types of Tours, etc., are directly from the PMS CRM.
  2. Hyly.AI Tour Scheduler can be integrated with GMB, Apartments.com, and Rentpath.com, enabling additional avenues for prospects to tour.
  3. Hyly.AI to set up GTM ( catch attributions and events) and also evaluate 'Tour Conversions' with goals set up on the GA account
  4. Hyly.AI can set automated monthly reports customizable to their preferences/goals metrics.

Hyly.AI Tours Scheduler mode v/s Headless Tour Scheduler mode

  1. On the Hyly.AI interface, you can access and update all the details including the information and settings regarding the Tour Scheduler in the Admin/Agent settings. 
  2. Whereas in case of Headless Tour Scheduler, the agent doesn't use the Hyly.AI interface at all. Instead they will be using their own PMS CRM to edit or update the information and settings related to the Tour Scheduler. The data from the PMS is passed on to Hyly.AI system through a unique property code (P-Code in case of RentCafe) and vice versa. 

Important Point to Be Noted

Since the Headless Tour Scheduler depends on the PMS/CRM used by the property, the details entered in the Hyly.AI system must match the details entered in the PMS/CRM system.

For example - The property's time zone in the sub-orgs setting of Headless Tour Scheduler in Hyly.AI system should be the same as the time zone in the PMS of the property. It will cause double tour bookings if both the systems have different time zones.

Data Flow Between Hyly.AI and PMS/CRM Systems

The below-mentioned diagram shows how the Hyly.AI API pulls the availability of the slot from the PMS/CRM (Entrata, Knock & Rentcafe) systems and
pushes the tour types and slots availability to the property website for the Headless mode. It also shows how the scheduled tours flow from the property website to the Hyly.AI system to the PMS/CRM (Entrata, Knock & Rentcafe) systems.

3. Compatibility Mode 

Compatibility Tour scheduler mode is a hybrid of both Hyly.AI Tour Scheduler mode and Headless tour scheduler mode. The Tour Scheduler settings can be adjusted from Hyly.AI and the PMS/CRM system of the properties. The customization done on any platform will reflect on the tour scheduler. Therefore, this gives an advantage to the agents to work on whichever system they are comfortable with.

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