How To Get hyTours Access Authentication

How To Get hyTours Access Authentication


Many organizations prefer using access management platforms for accessing all the different apps and tools they use from just one place. Such organizations need to follow specific steps to set up hyTours on the access management platform.

In this article, you will learn how to get the authentication information for hyTours.

Step 1  - Navigate to Accounts on Org Level

Log in to your and navigate to the accounts app of the org.

Step 2  - Select SAML Settings

Select the SAML settings page and click on hyTours.

Step 3 - Copy The  Authentication Details

Copy all the authentication details.

Step 4 - Paste The Details in The Access Management Platform

Paste the authentication details onto the access management platform and download the "Metadata" file.

Step 5 - Upload The Metadata File

Once you have downloaded the Metadata file, click on the "Select Metadata File" button and upload the file. 

Your access authentication process is successfully complete!
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