hyTours: ILS Authorization check

hyTours: ILS Authorization check


The ILS Authorization, if implemented, enables the clients to use our OpenTours API, which will allow integrating our calendars with theirs. For example, if the property is authorized for Betterbot, Betterbot will be able to put tours on our calendar without any error. Another example, if any prospect schedules a tour via the ILS website such as Apartments.com, the tour will not get integrated with hy.ly system unless the ILS Authorization for the property is enabled.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up or check if the ILS Authorization has been enabled for a particular property for Costar, Betterbot, Rentpath etc.

Step 1 - Navigate to hyTours

Under your Org, go to hyTours

Step 2 - Navigate to Admin Settings : Tour Scheduler

Click on 'Tour Calendars' to view other tabs on the left, then click on 'Admin Settings: Tour Scheduler'

Step 3 - Go to ILS Authorization Page

Click on 'ILS Authorization'

Step 4 - Map the Source

If it is an unmapped source, you will need to map it with the predefined ILS sources

Step 5 - Select the Property and Click on the ILS Source

You need to find the property in the list and check the checkbox for it as per the required source from ILS which needs to be authorized for the property

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