Introduction to hyBlast

Introduction to hyBlast


After going through this section you will be able to understand:
  1. What eBlasts are and why they are important
  2. Features of hyBlast
  3. Types of eBlast you can use

What Is hyBlast

Collection of ready-made templates used for email marketing campaigns, used for special events, announcements, or promotions. This gives you access to:
  1. A simple tool to "blast" a message to prospects or residents simultaneously
  2. See the eBlast schedule at a glance with the visual communications calendar
  3. Real-time analytics for each eBlast sent
  4. Seamless integration with their CRM
  5. iOS and Android friendly

Why eBlast

Email marketing or eBlast not only allows you to reach a wider audience but also track what happens after you have sent the email. 
With eBlast you can: 
  1. Track open rates, click rates, unique opens and click, bounces, and unsubscribes.
  2. Reach out directly to the audience, to their inbox, at the time of their convenience.

What Templates Are Available

Templates available for agents: 
  1. Announcements:  Keeps residents up-to-date on what's going on around the property
  2. Event Invites:       Lets residents know what plans are happening at the property
  3. Special Offers:     Tell prospects or residents what special promotions they're offering

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