Navigating hyTour's Live Video Tours & Resident Appointments

Navigating hyTour's Live Video Tours & Resident Appointments

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. What are Live Video Tours?
  3. What are Resident Appointments?
  4. Why Live Video Tours?
  5. Feature Summary
    1. Automated Messages
    2. Custom Messages
  6. How Do I Activate Live Video Tours and Resident Appointments?
  7. What Will I See?
  8. What Will Prospects & Residents See?


hyTours now offers clients Live Video Tours and Resident Appointments. In this Overview, we will explore these appointment/tour types, how they can help you, and how you can enable them for your scheduler.

What are Live Video Tours?

  1. Live Video Tours are live interactions over video call scheduled by the prospect and conducted by the property agent. The prospect and property agent virtually walk through the property making for a more personalized experience and allowing the prospect to ask questions in real-time. 
*Note: To learn more about Live Video Tours and how they can help your business, check out our blog: An Introduction to Video Tours for Multifamily

What are Resident Appointments?

Resident Appointments are appointments scheduled by Residents to meet with a member of your team. With Resident Appointments enabled, Residents will be able to book time on your agent calendar just like Prospects when booking a tour.

Why Live Video Tours?

 Live Video Tours allow Property Agents and Prospects to virtually tour a property with safety and ease. 

Feature Summary

hyTours supports 3 tour/appointment types:
  1. In-Person Tours
  2. Live Video Tours
  3. Resident Appointments

Automated Messaging

You can create automated messages specific to your tour and appointment types, which distinguish each tour types and provides tour specific information ie. video calling links versus property addresses and directions.

Guided Video Tour Automated Message:

In-Person Tour Automated Message:

Custom Messaging

You can customize messages for tour and appointment types too. This allows you to include options such as multiple property links or multiple video calling software options to assist Prospects.

Live Video Tour Customization:

In-Person Tour Customization:

How Do I Activate Live Video Tours and Resident Appointments?

1. To activate both Live Video Tours and Resident Appointments first, navigate to hyTours.

2. Navigate to Admin Settings then Scheduler Design in the Sub-org (property) level.

3. Click the Edit button and select the desired tour options and Save your changes 
  1. In Person Tour
  2. Live Video Tour
  3. Resident Appointment

*Note: You can also enable Live Video Tours and Resident Appointments by contacting us! 

What Will I See?

After enabling Live Video Tours and Resident Appointments, your scheduler will update and you will see your newly enabled options.

What Will Prospects & Residents See?

Prospects and Residents will see your updated scheduler and have the option to select their desired tour or appointment type.

You now know how to enable Live Video Tours and Resident Appointments for Prospects and Residents.

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