Overview : Agent Notifications

Overview : Agent Notifications

Concept Summary

  • There are two agent notifications under the pre-made hyTours automations: Notify Agent - Tour Scheduled and Alert CRM.
  • Notify Agent - Tour Scheduled will send an automated message to agents when a newly scheduled tour is added to the calendar.
  • If you are using the hyCRM app, Alert CRM - Tour Scheduled will notify agents about a new tour under their CRM page.

Tutorial Guide

In this tutorial, you will go over how you can manage agent notifications under the Automation app. You will learn how you can modify and customize what notifications leasing agents can receive as prospects make various decisions throughout the day. 

Creating Agent Notifications

Go to your property’s Automation app > Click on the 'Playbooks' drop down > Select 'Lifecycle Plays' > Go to the 'Touring Automations' section > Hover your cursor over the "Tour Scheduled” automation and click the Edit button. 

When you are on the edit page, there are two THEN actions that will affect a leasing agent when a prospect schedules a tour: Notify Agent – Tour Scheduled and Alert CRM

Notify Agent - Tour Scheduled

Notify Agent - Tour Scheduled will send a simple automated email to agents when a new prospect has scheduled a property tour with a link to the appointment information.

Alert CRM - Tour Scheduled

[For more information on WHEN/THEN functions click here.}

Alert CRM - Tour Scheduled will notify agents about the newly-scheduled tour on the property’s CRM page under the header’s Alerts dropdown. This can also apply to other hyTours automations, such as ”Tour Cancelled”, ”Tour Rescheduled”,  and ”Tour Reminder”.

You can also create a Notify Agent Trigger List automation to be sent to your agents, which will send an automated email displaying a list of prospects who have triggered a specific THEN action. For example, you can create a Trigger List automation to send your agents a list of property tours that have not been closed out for that day.

Quick Note: This will only occur if you have purchased the hyCRM app.

That covers what you need to know about agent notifications.

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