Overview - Eblasts for Agents

Overview - Eblasts for Agents

Concept Summary

With hyBlast, you can blast emails and SMS to 1000s of prospects and residents every week. Using this guide, you can optimize the performance of your eBlasts.

This Overview will cover:
  1. The kinds of eBlasts and their uses
  2. Crucial details about creating an eBlast
  3. Creating The Perfect eBlast

All About eBlasts

eBlasts come in many different formats and there are numerous templates you can choose from.
Here is the eBlast breakdown:
  1. Announcements

  1. Events

  1. Offers

How To Customize

You can customize your eBlasts to reinforce your message and target a wider audience in the following manner:

  1. Floor Plans - Select templates that include a floor plan field so you can showcase your unit

  1. Images - Ensure images accurately reflect your eBlast and the message you intend to give

  1. Scheduling - eBlasts take minutes to create and you can schedule them well in advance allowing you to send tons at any given time

Grammar, Punctuation, and Syntax


Due u notise anything wrong with this sintince?

Bad grammar is an easy way to lose engagement. It's important to check your work no matter how short:
  1. Try browser extensions like Grammarly
  2. Read your eBlast aloud
  3. Test it by sending it to a colleague or manager

“To Err Is Human… To Edit, Divine”


Wowww!!!! (OMG!) Exciting! Offer, just, for, you!!!!

Too much of anything, even a good thing, is still too much.
Punctuation is necessary. However, there is a thin line between effective and ineffective punctuation.
A good rule to follow with punctuation is that less is more. 
  1. Keep bolding to a minimum
  2. Refrain from using multiple exclamation points, especially in the middle of a sentence
  3. Try to avoid parentheses and underlining
  4. Learn the rules of commas and oxford commas so you are using them properly

Embrace Your Creativity

eBlasts are a great way to embrace your creativity.

Start off with:
  1. Subject lines - Come up with unique subject lines and test them out

For more information on writing great subject lines check out our 
guide on improving email performance.
  1. Send frequency - Send when you have something to say. Lower send frequency tends to have higher engagement

  1. Images - Use images to creatively showcase your message; people appreciate visuals

The Perfect eBlast

When creating the perfect eBlast message, there are three aspects to consider if you wish to improve on performance:
  1. Keep the message short 
  2. Sell less and connect more
  3. Quality relies on cohesiveness

Keep the Message Short

You do not need a long eBlast to make it effective. In fact, shorter eBlasts are often more engaging.
Your goal for any eBlast should be to:
  1. Highlight the eBlast's purpose
  2. Relate the eBlast to your property
  3. Ensure your CTA reinforces the goal of the eBlast

Sell Less, Connect More

It is crucial you ensure your eBlast message is genuine and approachable.
A great way to accomplish this is to avoid the sales pitch. 

Quality Relies on Cohesiveness

The perfect eBlast message should display a clear cohesiveness between three primary fields:
  1. Subject Line - The purpose of the subject line is to get people to open the eBlast
  2. Body - Information that gives your prospects clear reasons to click on the CTA
  3. CTA - This reinforces the eBlast and initiates the prospect's next action

The Perfect eBlast is made by:
  1. Choosing the right eBlast
  2. Using proper grammar and punctuation
  3. Switching up your subject lines, send frequencies, and images
  4. Keeping your message short and on point
  5. Ensuring the important fields display consistent information

These tips will help you create effective eBlasts, improve eBlast performance, and optimize your bulk marketing.

Now get sending!

Check out our complete guide on How To hyBlast for even more information.

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