Overview : hyMail Email Editor

Overview : hyMail Email Editor

Concept Summary

  • You can access the Email Editor by clicking the "Design" button over an already-created email.
  • The Email Navigation Bar displays the five steps you will need to take when creating and sending out your email: Email Body, Email Header, Send a Test, Send Groups, and Schedule. Most of your time will be spent under the Email Body section.
  • The Editor is located on the left side of the page. You can edit the content of an email by clicking on its email slices.
  • The Preview area is on the right side of the page, which will update when you click either the "Refresh" or "Save Changes" buttons.


In this overview, we will go over the Email Editor in your hyMail app, and guide you through the elements that make up the application. You will learn what kinds of tools the editor has, where they are located, and how they can be utilized when you start creating email templates.

Getting to the Email Editor 

Under the hyMail Emails page, hover over an already-created email and click on the "Design" button, which is located at the top. You will automatically be redirected to the Email Editor.

Email Navigation Bar

Located at the top of the Email Editor, the navigation bar has five steps that will guide you from the process of creating your email to getting it ready to be sent out. There are also additional options for displaying and exporting your email.
  • 1. Email Body is where you develop the content of your email.
  • 2. Email Header is where you enter the subject line of your email and where it is coming from.
  • 3. Send a Test is where you can check your email’s design and its functionality by sending a test copy based on the information of a lead or prospect.
  • 4. Send Groups is where you choose which of your various leads and / or prospects are going to receive your email.
  • 5. Schedule is where you can choose to deliver your email immediately, or specify a later date and time for it to be sent out.

The button that is on the far right of the navigation bar is where you can find extra options for your email. If you click on this button and expand its tab, you can choose from the following commands:
  • Client Preview, which will allow yourself and others who may not have a my.hy.ly account to view what the email will look like when it is delivered.
  • Save As Template, which will save your email as a my.hy.ly template.
  • Export Template, which will export the email to your desktop.
  • Convert To Raw HTML, which will convert the visual design and structure of your email into HTML code.
  • Advanced Editor will help you edit the HTML format of the email.

Exploring the Editor

Located on the left side of this page, the Editor is where you will be developing the content of your emails. You can edit the email’s content by clicking on any of the email slices displayed on this side.

Clicking on an slice, like Splash for example, will expand that slice and highlight its position on the Preview side. This will also display the various sections that make up an email slice, which ones are visible and which ones aren’t. The visibility of a section is indicated by the Hide / Show icon on the right (the eyeball icon). If a section’s name is greyed out, that means it is not showing on the email template.

Click a section to expand its fields. These fields contain the editable content of your email and can be text, images, or URLs.

You also have the option of adding email slices to a template by clicking the button "Add a New Slice +" at the bottom of the Editor.

For example, if you want to add another image to your email, open Add a New Slice + and hover over the Splash slice and click it when the command + Add this Slice appears. From there, you can move the position of the newly added slice on the Editor area to your liking.

Editor Options are found above the Preview Section in the top right corner. This is where you can save or discard any changes that you have made to your email, or refresh its Preview screen.

Quick Overview of the Preview Area

As you customize the content of your email, the Preview area – located on the right side of the screen – will show you how the splash image looks, how long the text is, and how everything is spaced out on the email. This screen will update whenever you click the "Save Changes" or "Refresh" button above the Preview area, so be sure to do that often!

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