Overview : hyTours Amenity Reservations

Overview : hyTours Amenity Reservations


hyTours offers Amenity Reservations also. With this feature, residents can reserve your property's amenities: pool, gym, conference room, elevator, etc. Agents and Admins have different capabilities when setting up the amenities scheduler.

Resident View

After your scheduler is set up Residents can:
  1. Reserve your amenities

  1. Select the number of guests they are bringing with them

  1. Select the date and time

  1. Complete their reservation and save it to their calendar

After Residents reserve their amenity they will receive a:
  1. Reservation confirmation with the amenity, date, and time
  2. Reservation reminder email the night before
  3. Links to reschedule or cancel their reservation

To assist residents in the reservation process, share our blog post: How To Reserve an Amenity.

Agent Capabilities

Agents will be able to manage the amenity settings including:
  1. Amenities offered by the property

  1. Recurring Slots
    1. Appointment duration - Max length of time an Amenity can be reserved 
    2. Amenity Availability Begin Date - Date the Amenity will be open and available for reservation
    3. Amenity Availability End Date - Date the Amenity will no longer be available for reservation 
    4. Amenity Hours - The hours the Amenity is available for booking
    5. Exclusions - Time of day, during the available hours, the amenity is not available for reservation
    6. # of Reservations Including Guests - The total number of people you can reserve an amenity for 

  1. Holidays and exceptions

To learn more about agent capabilities, read our article on How To Change Amenity Slots & Reservations.

Admin Capabilities

Admins and managers will be responsible for setting up the amenities scheduler. 

They can:
  1. Create, edit, and delete amenities
  2. Color code the amenities

  1. Include a guest limit field on the scheduler
    1. The guest limit signifies the number of people the resident can bring in addition to themselves. If the amenity is solely for the resident they would put 0 in the Guest Limit field. If it is for the resident and one guest, they would put 1 in the Guest Limit field. 
  2. Include fields that the resident completes when reserving

To learn more about the scheduler set up process, check out our article: How To Set Up the Amenities Scheduler.

Learn More

Still have questions? Give us a call today at 516-HYLY-INC or reach out through our help center.
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