Overview : hyTours Report

Overview : hyTours Report


Hy.ly offers different types of tour reports through hyTours. In this article we will go through all the reports available for analyzing the tours.

How to Navigate to the Reports

In your my.hy.ly:
  1. Select the Sub-org
  2. Go to hyTours
  3. Click on the Agents Calendar dropdown
  4. Select 'Reports'

On clicking on 'Reports', you'll land on the hyTours Report page. Here you'll see different types of reports at the top.

Select the Date Range

Click on the Date Range and select the range for which you want to check the reports.

Types of Reports

1. Tour Activity

The tour activity report shows the details of the tour activities based on the activity date. It shows the numbers and percentages of scheduled, rescheduled, or canceled tours in a particular date range.

2. Tour Activity By Channel

This report shows the tour activity percentages and numbers and the Channel details, from where the tours came.

3. Tour Activity By Channel/Source

This reports shows the tour activity percentages and numbers with the Channel details along with the Source details. The source details shows the source medium such as Web, Walk -In, etc. and the source assets such as apartments.com, rent.com, property website, etc.

4. Tour Activity By Source

This reports shows the tour activity percentages and numbers with the Source details of the tours.

5. Tour Activity By Type

This reports shows the tour activity percentages and numbers based on the type of tours scheduled, rescheduled or cancelled.

6. Tour Activity By Unit

This reports shows the tour activity percentages and numbers based on the unit of the property for which the tours are scheduled, rescheduled or cancelled.
Note - If the Unit details are not mentioned in the tour scheduling form, it will reflect as unknown. 

7. Tour Cohort

This reports shows the actual tour scheduled percentages and numbers based on the date range for which the tours are scheduled. This report will show the number of tours scheduled, the number of tours not closed, the percentage of tours not closed, the number of no show tours and the percentage of no show tours.

Difference between Tour Activity and Tour Cohort Reports

Tour Activity: Shows the activity that occurred in the selected time period.
Tour Cohort: Shows data about the group of tours that were scheduled for the selected time period -- the "cohort of tours".

For eg. - If the tour is scheduled for 12th Oct, but it is scheduled on 6th Oct, the Tour Activity report will show the data of the tour scheduling time which is 6th Oct. Whereas, Tour Cohort report will show the data of tours that are scheduled in the selected date range which is 12th Oct.

Export the Tours and the Report

To export or download the details of the tours click on the 'Export Tours' option before the date range option. 

The tour details would contain all the details of the tours.

To export the report click on the Export button after the date range option.

The report will show the same report just in CSV file.

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