Overview : Introduction to hyALM

Overview : Introduction to hyALM


hyALM - Hy.ly's Automated Lifecycle Marketing tool - has several unique features that assist agents in keeping up with prospects and residents. In this article, learn all about hyALM and how it can automate prospect and resident follow up taking the pressure off agents.

What is hyALM?

hyALM is Hy.ly’s Automated Lifecycle Marketing tool. The app comes with beautiful templates that you can customize to your brand. With hyALM you can set and forget your lifecycle emails.

Each email drip targets prospects or residents at every stage of their respective lifecycles. On the scheduled days, prospects and residents will receive your branded emails allowing you to easily nurture, convert, and retain your users.

Who are Artie's Angels?

Artie oversees all of your automation on the backend, but even Artie needs help. That's where Artie's Angles come in. Each angel oversees a specific email drip for either prospects or residents.
  1. Preston - The Prospect Angel
  2. Nya - The New Resident Angel
  3. Rae - The Resident Retention Angel
  4. Winston - The WinBack Angel

Email drips can be sent as Email and SMS:

These four angels are housed in hyALM where you can access and edit them at anytime:

You can also see when each email in the email drip will send out.

By simply clicking the toggle switches you can turn individual emails on/off or turn the entire email drip on/off:

What is hyALM Reporting?

hyALM also has thorough reporting so you can see how your email drips are performing. This data can inform future campaigns and optimize performance.

Reports can also be filtered by date range:

The hyALM report displays an overview of all major statistics across all properties selected:
  1. Total sends
  2. % of Unique Opens
  3. % of Unique Clicks
  4. % of Bounces
  5. % of Unsubscribes

Finally, you can email and schedule reports:

With hyALM, lifecycle marketing has never been easier!
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