Overview : Managing Invalid Emails

Overview : Managing Invalid Emails

Quick Summary

  • Since a prospect's email address establishes their identity in my.hy.ly, invalid email addresses (such as refused@yahoo.com) will wrongly identify the prospect.
  • To correctly identify such prospect, we recommend that you create a placeholder email address. For example, convert multiple leads that have refused@yahoo.com with [lead ID]@noemail.yahoo.

Tutorial Guide

In this overview, you will learn how you can manage a list of invalid email addresses to replace with placeholder emails when you are importing your leads.

When you are importing your leads under your organization’s Leads app, you will notice that there are two minor links after the section Step 2: Map Fields: Manage Leads with No Emails + and Manage Invalid Emails.

Manage Leads with No Emails

The first link, Manage Leads with No Emails is where you can set up a placeholder email address for leads that have not listed an email address. View our How To Manage Leads with No Emails tutorial for more information on how you can set this up.

Manage Invalid Emails

The second link, Manage Invalid Emails will display a text field containing a variety of placeholder / invalid email addresses when it is clicked on.

Email addresses that are listed in the Invalid Emails field are invalid addresses that agents typically use if a prospect does not want to provide their email address for privacy reasons. If any of the invalid emails in this field are in your leads spreadsheet, they will be replaced with the placeholder email address under the Manage Leads with No Emails field. If there are any invalid email addresses missing from this list, you can add them in (just be sure to separate the emails with commas).

That covers how you can manage invalid emails when you are importing your leads.
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