Overview : Selecting Your Email Groups

Overview : Selecting Your Email Groups

Concept Summary

  • The top field is where you select which property sub-org the email campaign belongs to.
  • The second field is where you select what Lead Group will receive the email. You can choose different groups depending on whom your email is reaching out to.
  • If you want to add more groups, click the "Add Another Group" button.

Tutorial Guide

In this lesson, you will learn how you can choose which of your leads will receive your email campaign.

After your email test is sent successfully, the next step for you is to select groups that will receive the campaign under the Send Groups section.

Selecting A Group

There are two dropdown fields in the Lead Groups section. The top-most dropdown field is where you will select the property that the email belongs to.

The second dropdown field will not have any options until a property is selected. Once that happens, an assortment of options will become available. Your leads will be listed according to what type they are. For instance, if they are active, applicants, leads or residents, and so on. All you have to do is select which group of leads will receive the email. Different groups can be selected depending on what the email campaign is about. For example, if you are sending out an email highlighting the amenities of an apartment, you would want it to go out to both your active and dormant or dead leads.

Adding More Groups

If you want to add another group, click the "Add Another Group" button, and fill in the dropdown fields as you did before. To remove a group, click the red button with an "x" on it to the right of its dropdown fields.

You can also exclude certain groups by clicking on the 'Exclude Group' option and selecting the group you want to exclude.

Once you have entered all of your lead groups, you have the option of clicking the "calculate size" link. This will automatically calculate how many people in total will be receiving your email campaign. It shows the total number of contacts that are there in the selected contact groups and the actual number of leads who will receive the email, excluding the leads who have unsubscribed from receiving the emails.

After you are satisfied with your options, click the "Update" button to confirm the email groups, and you are done!


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