Overview : Task Notifications

Overview : Task Notifications

Concept Summary

  • hyCRM will assist with keeping track of and monitoring tasks that need to be done for your prospects using notifications. These task notifications are under a dropdown widget (it is the one with a checkmark icon) and grouped into two sections: tasks that are due today, and tasks that are overdue.
  • When you click on a task notification in the dropdown, you will be redirected to that prospect's Activity Stream. An Activity Stream will display past actions that a prospect has done, completed tasks, and tasks that are upcoming or due.
  • After you have completed a task, close it out by clicking on its checkbox. Completed tasks will be subsequently crossed out and appear under the past Activity Stream section.


Prospect activity is a difficult thing to monitor and keep updated on, especially if a prospect takes action when you are not in the office. Prospect emails can get buried in with residents or caught in your spam folder. Switching back and forth from your email account for updates and alerts can be a difficult task for anyone to keep up with.

hyCRM has a solution to organize and streamline the communications between leasing agents and prospects. Using a timeline-structured organization, this allows you to easily keep track of your recent prospect updates, alerts and tasks for the day.

Task Notifications

Tasks are grouped under the dropdown widget with the checkmark icon. In the expanded menu there are two tabs: "Today" for any tasks that are assigned for the current day, and "Overdue" for any tasks that are past their assigned due date.

By clicking on a notification, you will be redirected to a prospect's Activity Stream. There, you can see what tasks need to be done under the Plan section, and what the task is about. Task icons are always indicated by a checkmark next to either a phone, email, or list icon indicating that an agent needs to place a call, send an email or has a to-do action. View our tutorial on How To Create A Task here to see how you can add tasks to an Activity Stream.

Once you are done with a task, click the checkbox to mark the task as "Complete." Tasks that are checked off will then appear under the prospect Activity Stream.

Now you know where your tasks are so you can communicate between multiple prospects quickly and efficiently. To learn about alert notifications and how to manage them, view our overview for CRM Alert Notifications here.
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