Overview : Tasks Page

Overview : Tasks Page

Tasks Page

Similar to how you can view all alert notifications for every leasing agent under the Alerts Log, the hyCRM Tasks page allows you to display and filter through tasks assigned to all of your properties’ agents.

The Tasks page can be found by going to a property’s hyCRM app, clicking on the top navigation dropdown menu, and selecting the option labeled “Tasks.” (found between the “Prospects” and “Reports” options)

All tasks will be divided into three groups on the page: Overdue, Today, and Future. Overdue tasks, if there are any, will always be at the top of the page in red text. Tasks in the Today section will be in the middle of the page in black text. At the bottom of the page, Future tasks will be displayed in very faint grey text.

Much like the sidebar on the Alerts Log, the Tasks Search sidebar allows you to search for specific tasks through several input and dropdown filters.

The All Types dropdown field will allow you to narrow down your selection to only display overdue tasks, tasks due for today, or future tasks.

You can use the All Agents dropdown to either look at all of the tasks assigned to each agent or see what tasks are assigned to a specific agent.

Select the Task Status dropdown to display three options: you can choose to display all tasks, tasks that are not done, or tasks that are completed on the page.

Under the dropdown field that will have Today selected by default, you can view the amount of tasks displayed according to a time range.

Input fields under the Tasks Search sidebar allow you to look up tasks linked to a specific prospect by typing in their name, email address, or organization. When you have selected as many or as little filters to specify your desired search, click the "Search" button at the bottom.

That concludes our overview of your hyCRM Tasks page.
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