How to Install Tracking Pixels for GTM

How to Install Tracking Pixels for GTM

Prerequisite GTM Tags Installed on the Property Website GTM Containers


You have successfully added the tags in the GTM container for the property and GTM tracking is working when the tour scheduler is on a clients website in an iFrame or a popup. But GTM tracking is not working when the scheduler is on a stand alone page or using a link out method. In order to track on the stand along page, you will need to add tracking pixels in


In this guide you will learn how to add tracking pixels in following the steps below:

Step 1 - Find the GTM Code on the Property Website

To find the GTM code:
  1. Go to the website where the GTM containers are installed

  2. Right click on the web page and click inspect

Look for the Google Tag Manager script. You will want to get both the Script and No Script. Copy both Script and No Script

Step 2 - Navigate to Admin Settings: Tour Scheduler

Under the sub-org click on hyTours > Click on Agents Calendar Drop down > Click on Admin Settings: Tour Scheduler

Step 3 - Add the GTM Code in

Click on the Tracking Pixel Tab and paste both the script and no script code into the top section labeled Visit Tracking Code and click on 'SAVE' to save the changes

Tracking Pixels for GTM is successfully added!

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