How to Add Branding & Logo for Tour Scheduler Page & Email Campaigns

How to Add Branding & Logo for Tour Scheduler Page & Email Campaigns


In this article you will learn how to add the Branding & Logo for Tour Scheduler Page & Email Campaigns. It is important to use the correct Logo and do the proper Branding because it will reflect in the Tour Scheduler and the Email Campaigns of the property. Follow the below mentioned steps to add Logo and Branding details:

Navigate to Sub-org app > Key Site Links (Under Basic Info Section) > Property Logo (Dark) > Click on the Pencil Icon to Edit.
Please ensure that the logo is within 300px and always upload a PNG file if available. 

Put the Property Website URL in the URL box.
Click on the Tick Mark Icon to Save the changes once you are done.

Step 2 - Add your Branding

Navigate to Sub-org app > Branding (Under Basic Info Section) > Branding > Click on the Pencil Icon to Edit.

Inspect the Button Color from the property website, copy and paste it in the Link Color, Button Border Color and Button Background Color.
The Font Family should be Raleway, the Body Font Color should be Black and the Button Font Color should be White.
Click on the Tick Mark Icon to Save the changes once you are done editing the details.

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