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            Contact Lists Overview

            Concept Summary

            • Your hyCRM Contact Lists page will display every status / sub-status that your contacts are organized under, whereas the Contact Pipelines only display Active or Leased Contacts. You can switch between viewing your statuses and sub-statuses from the "By Status" dropdown field.
            • When you are using the Filter, you have the option of saving your results as either a Quick Filter or Dynamic Email Group.
            • For editing your contacts, you have the option to either bulk or individually edit each contact. When your contacts are selected, you will have the option to change their status / sub-status, assign them to an agent, subscribe or unsubscribe contacts, etc.


            While your Contact Pipeline will display the sub-statuses of either your Active prospects or Customers, your Contact List will display all the statuses or sub-statuses of your prospects, residents, and general contacts. You can change which filter buckets are displayed at the top of your page by clicking on the dropdown field next to the search bar. Its default choice is "By Status" which shows all of status buckets:

            However, if you select the option "By Sub-Status" you will notice that multiple filter buckets now occupy that area. This will allow you to search through your contacts by their Sub-Status. While a Status will display a the general position of your contacts, a Sub-Status further specifies their position.

            Using Your Filter Bar

            Use the Filter bar on the left side of the page to search for contacts by their email, Status / Sub-Status, assigned agent, or date range. You will use these filters to specify the results to your liking. You can also create a Quick Filter or a Dynamic Email Group from any of your filtered searches by clicking the "Save Filter" button.

            You can select as many filters in your search. If you want to reset a search, click the "x" icon to the right of the results text, or the "Clear Filter" button under the sidebar.

            Editing Your Contacts

            To bulk edit all of your contacts, click on the check box next to "Last Modified" on the table header. You can also select individuals by checking the box that is next to a contact's name.

            When your contact(s) are checked, you will see a field with many options in the dropdown. Select your option and click the "Update" button, prospects that are checked will be updated.

            That covers the hyCRM Contact List page, and how you can view, organize and edit your contact.
            Updated: 06 Feb 2018 03:06 AM
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