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            Alert Notifications Overview

            Concept Summary

            • The hyCRM page will have an Alert Notifications dropdown widget (the field with a bell icon) on the navigation bar. This is where you will receive notifications when a prospect under your pipeline does an action like schedule a tour, open an email, fill out a contact form, etc.
            • To remove past alerts from the dropdown, hover over an alert and click the X icon, which will mark it as read.
            • You can also turn on or off the notification sound by clicking on the volume icon.


            Your hyCRM page will display a dropdown menu with a bell icon on your navigation bar. This will enable you to see what your prospects have been up to via alerts, similar to how you get notifications on social media sites. However, the difference with CRM alerts is that you and your agents will be told if a prospect has scheduled a tour, opened or clicked on an email, visited your website, etc.

            If you want to get rid of an old alert, close it in the expanded menu by mousing over the alert of your choosing and clicking the "x" icon. The alert will be removed from the number of notifications that need to be looked at, and will be marked as read.

            Alerts that you receive during your workday will have a notification sound, similar to receiving a text message. To either mute the sound or turn it on, click on the volume icon located in the top right corner of the expanded Alerts menu.

            Keep in mind that you have the ability to create these alert notifications under your Automations app. When you are setting up a new Artie or adding an alert to an established one, click on the "+ New THEN" button, and select Alert CRM as your Action Type.
            Updated: 06 Feb 2018 01:33 AM
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