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            Email’s Subscribers Report Overview

            Concept Summary

            • An email's Subscribers Report is under the Subscribers link on its Report page. This page will display several lists organizing the email addresses of every prospect that received the email. You can view which prospects opened the email or clicked links, as well as any that Unsubscribed or had the email Bounce. Each of these lists can be exported as a data spreadsheet by clicking the "Export" button.


            In this overview, we will look at what information you can export under an email’s Subscribers Report.

            If you hover over an email and click on the "Analyze" button, you will be taken to its Overview Report page. From the Overview Report page, click on the Subscribers link to go to your email’s Subscribers Report. Under this page, you can view specific prospects that opened the email and clicked on any of the specific links, as well as prospects that had the email bounced, or unsubscribed.

            This page will break down all of the leads that received the email and group them by their email addresses into several lists, such as Sent List, Opened List, Received but not Opened, and Unique Clicked List. There are also lists for leads that Unsubscribed from the email, had it Bounce, and Blacklisted or Complained about the email.

            For each of these sections, you also have the option to export; and in the case of your Unique Clicked List report, you can export either the detailed list or a summary. Just click the arrow ( [ v ] ) on the "Export" button, and select either option from the dropdown field.

            Updated: 05 Feb 2018 12:12 AM
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